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I have loved using my hands since I was a little girl. For Christmas I didn't ask for dolls but for anything and everything crafty (that and books, I'm kind of a nerd). My first experience with beads was a native american bead loom my grandfather got me in grade school and it all started from there. After that I started making little pieces and sold them to kids in the lunchroom.

My love affair with beads were on and off through out the years but I never stopped creating. Whether it was sewing, costume design, knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, stained glass work....I did anything and everything. These hands were always busy with something.

After I had my first son I found some pearls that I couldn't help but buy, they were too gorgeous to resist. While I had no real jewelry supplies at the time I quickly found some  and began to work with wire, gemstones and other beads.  I couldn't put my pliers down and my supply of beads and gemstones grew and grew.

It was a hard step from just making jewelry for myself and friends into actually selling it because I have found when you make something it becomes a part of you and it is a huge leap of faith to share it with others. But over the years after hearing from many many people that I needed to sell my work, I decided to set up shop. I was extremely nervous. It's like putting a piece of my heart out for the world to see, judge and critique. I was so nervous I didn't tell a soul about my shop except my husband and my sister who I made buy the first few pieces.

To my surprise people, who were not my family and friends, began to buy my pieces and things have grown from there. Years have passed and I was able to quit my part time job and do this as well as be home with my three rambunctious boys.

I love what I do and to this day still can't believe I get to do what I love as a job.

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