Jewelry Sizing Guide

Find Your Necklace Size 

I get a lot of people asking me about what different lengths of necklace really look like and giving demonstrations. So I thought I’d share this little picture I found to help illustrate. Of course all of this depends on your body type and the size of your neck. This is what it would be on an average sized woman.  My personal favorite length is 18-20″ depending on the necklace. I like simple necklaces that are above the neckline and I don’t were very low cut shirts so they are not very long.


16" Falls at the base of the neck

18" Standard size and sits just below the collar bone 

20" Sits halfway down the neckline 

22+ sits well below most necklines 

Find Your Ring Size 

1 - Go to a jeweler - ANY jeweler would be happy to do it free of charge and it usually just takes a couple of minutes. 

2 - Measure yourself 

Finding out your ring size is more than easy to do at home with these four things:

  1. A piece of paper
  2. Scissors
  3. A tape measure or ruler
  4. Pen or pencil

Here’s what you do:

Step 1: Cut a thin (and long) strip of paper.

Step 2: Wrap the paper around your ring finger just below the knuckle (you’ll want to make sure your ring can easily fit over this part).

Step 3: Once it’s snug you’ll want to mark where the two ends meet with your pen or pencil (see photo above)

Step 4: Flatten out the thin strip of paper and measure how many inches from the mark you just made to the end of the paper you used.

Step 5: Match that measurement with the corresponding ring sizes, below.

Things to Remember:

  • The average women’s ring size is 7
  • The average men’s ring size is 10
  • Measure your finger at the end of the day when they tend to be a bit more swollen
  • If your knuckle is much bigger than the base of your finger, measure both areas and find a size in between
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