This listing is for those adding to a previously purchased Silver and Ivy design. Follow the steps below to add a new birthstone or a charm to your piece of jewelry.


1.) You must return the necklace to be added to (please add a note with the name used when messaging/ordering so we can refer back to it)

Send it to:
Kendra Goodrich
17480 NW Santiam Dr.
Portland OR 97229


2.) Add the stones/charms you'd like added on to your previously purchased necklace to your cart.

Large birthstones are here
Small birthstones are here
Rough cut birthstones are here
All other charms are here


3.) Add THIS LISTING to your cart.

This listing pays for the adding of the new stone as well as shipping to have it returned back. We also polish your piece FREE of charge so it looks like new!

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