How to Display Printables

How to Display Printables

How to Display Printables


You can click on every picture and name to get to see more of the different products. 


1 - Interchangeable picture frame

Easy Change Artwork Frame



2 - Use a rustic clipboard style frame 

Rustic Wooden Picture Clipboard


3 - Make a collage 

Simple Yet Elegant Gallery-Style Mainstays


4 - Use clipboards 

Trade Quest Plastic Clipboard Transparent Color Letter Size Standard Clip


5 - For something non permanent, use wall clips 

Command Spring Clips, Quartz


6 - Use cute hangers with clips (bronze)



7 - Or silver ones

Mawa by Reston Lloyd Space-Saving Clothes Hanger for Pants and Skirts with Two Non-Slip Clips



8 - Or wooden!

Tosnail Wooden Pants Skirt Slack Hangers with 2-Adjustable Clips - Pack of 5 

9 - Bright Magnets

Quartet Magnets for Dry Erase Board, Bulletin Board, 1" Multi-Color, 8 Pack

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