3 Effective Ways to Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry

3 Effective Ways to Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry

One of the most common questions I get from my friends and customers is:


How can I clean my tarnished jewelry? 


Sterling silver is an AMAZING metal 



Most of the jewelry I make is made of sterling silver which is a fine metal and no matter how you take care of it, eventually it will probably tarnish. But that doesn't mean you can't wear it again or you have to wear blackened jewelry! 


When it starts to get darkened it's time to polish that sterling silver and make it look like new. Here are a few ways I've found works in my years of working with and wearing jewelry. 


Sterling Silver Cleaner - by Brilliant 

This is probably the easiest ways to clean sterling silver. All you have to do is dip it in and let it sit for a few seconds and you can instantly see the change. I like this because it gets in small crevices like on a chain. For the cost and ease, I think it's well worth the under $10 price tag. 

Brilliant Silver Cleaner



Baking Soda + Foil + Boiling Water

Another really easy way to clean sterling silver is using baking soda, foil and boiling water. Seriously, it works! Sometimes it takes a couple of rounds but it gets it pretty clean. 

How To Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry

+ Video Tutorial - Here



 Super Fine Steel Wool

NOTE: Make sure you when you are using steel wool you're polishing sterling silver or fine silver. If you are working with anything silver PLATED or COATED you will rub off the finish exposing copper or brass. 

I use this a lot in my jewelry making for things that have a larger surface area. The other day I was helping a friend clean up her jewelry and she had a thick banded turquoise ring and this polished it up really well with the wool. I did the dip (above) then polished the larger surfaces with the steel wool. 

Now, make sure you use FINE steel wool because anything that's not as fine will have a more brushed look (and there are some that can make it look scratched). But I love this fine steel wool to polish my pieces. 

Super Fine Steel Wool

Kendra Goodrich

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